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Canyon at sunrise with beautiful rock formations representing the tranquility of the types of events

Types of Events

Throughout the year, Life Temple hosts events and gatherings.

Gentle Yoga

Tuesday & Thursdays: A slow paced, breath focused practice with an emphasis on centering and self-discovery.
Beginner friendly. Nourishing for the body, mind, and spirit.

Ecstatic Dance

A free-form movement experience where you can dance without judgment, express yourself fully, and connect with others through the power of music and movement.

Moon Circle

A gathering that takes place around the time of the full moon. Participants come together to connect with each other, share experiences, and engage in spiritual practices such as meditation, intention setting, or rituals that are believed to be enhanced by the energy of the full moon.

Vinyasa 2 Yoga

This class provides intermediate to advanced level instruction in dynamic pose sequences synchronized with breath, offering modifications for practitioners to progress from beginner to intermediate levels while exploring advanced poses and sequences.