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Welcome to Life Temple

Enter Life Temple, a sanctuary where your unique spiritual path is valued and uplifted. We unite in our commitment to nurture the planet and one another, creating a haven for those seeking truth, love, and freedom.


Our mission at Life Temple is to create a harmonious community, deeply rooted in the wisdom of the Divine and Earth’s nurturing spirit. We aim to support each individual’s journey towards personal and collective enlightenment, cherishing the sacredness of all life.

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Guided by six key principles, Life Temple offers a profound framework for spiritual and communal harmony. These principles, embodying wisdom and compassion, inspire our practices and ethos, leading us towards a balanced and empathetic world. Explore their subtle, yet powerful influence on our path to spiritual fulfillment and global unity.

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Events Calendar

Life Temple’s events and gatherings foster and bring together like-minded people looking for spiritual enlightenment. They provide a place to socialize, worship, and find support, aligning with our three pillars to Heal, Expand, and Serve.

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