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Heal, Expand, Serve

Our Principles – Embarking on a journey towards spiritual enlightenment, Life Temple seeks to honor and celebrate the inherent sacredness of human existence. This esteemed organization aims to cultivate a tight-knit spiritual community, bound together in fellowship and shared values, providing support to each individual on their unique spiritual path.

Our Principles

The principles set forth herein are intended to illuminate the path and inspire generations to come.

We invite you to continue reading Life Temple’s Principles below.

Life Temple’s Principles

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I. The Infinite Source

In the vastness of the cosmos, we recognize a primordial Supreme Energy which we reverently refer to as “The Divine,” “God,” “The Creator,” or other names that convey its immeasurable nature. This all-powerful, all-knowing, and ever-present energy weaves together all that exists with limitless wisdom and compassion. By honoring and connecting with this Divine Energy, we access our highest potential and attune ourselves to the symphony of the universe.

II. Mother Earth

We hold Mother Earth as sacred, recognizing her as the life-giving force that connects us all. Our interconnectedness with the earth and every life form she nurtures reminds us of the delicate balance that sustains our existence. As mindful guardians, we uphold our connection by striving to protect the Earth and maintain this balance.

Honoring our spiritual bond with Mother Earth, we recognize that our connection with her is essential to our well-being. Our connection with Mother Earth transcends mere physical sustenance and encompasses physical and emotional healing, inner self-discovery and the mystical. We declare our divine right to elevate any matter she provides to the level of sacrament, celebrating its spiritual significance and acknowledging the profound ways in which she supports and nurtures our growth and transformation.

As a core practice in our spiritual quest, we consecrate the land and structures where we dwell and worship, thereby transforming them into holy places that embody our collective devotion to Mother Earth. This sacred act of consecration holds a pivotal place in our beliefs and faithfully adhered to not only by our members but, most significantly, by Life Temple’s leadership.

III. The Sanctity of Being

Life Temple acknowledges that the human desire for freedom is a divine imperative, deeply rooted in our core by the Creator, and essential to our spiritual growth. We passionately assert that every phase of existence—birth, life, and death—is sacred and should remain unobstructed. Each person has the inherent right to live, learn, and experience the spiritual truths of their journey while respecting the divine rights of others.

IV. United Humanity

Life Temple highlights the deep and unbreakable connections that bring all people together, as validated by the convergence of genetic discoveries and ancient teachings. This harmonious fusion of insights reveals the enduring unity among humans, transcending distinctions of culture, ethnicity, and faith. These insights lead us to the inevitable realization — “we” — “are all related,” — forming a single, unified — “family.”

V. Applied Spirituality

Cultivating health, happiness, and wholeness, we embrace diverse spiritual practices to lay the foundation for our sacred path. Acknowledging each person’s unique connection to the Divine, we inspire members to discover their own means of connecting. We support the responsible exploration of practices such as meditation, resonance, movement, prayer and sacramental communion, among others. By emphasizing the importance of nurturing physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, we foster a vibrant community centered on meaningful and flourishing spirituality.

VI. Eternity

Inspired by the fundamental properties of energy—ever-changing, yet indestructible—we recognize our true nature as eternal. The physical body is a temporary vessel for the spirit, and upon death, the spirit transitions to a higher state of consciousness or returns to the source of all energy, reuniting with the universal cosmic energy. We consider the possibility of a cyclical existence, reflecting on the idea that the soul may partake in a series of experiences through various lifetimes, fostering growth, transformation, and the realization of our innate spiritual potential.


In conclusion, the Life Temple Principles foster a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of all life, underscoring our shared spiritual origins and honoring the Earth. By engaging in diverse spiritual practices, members strengthen their bond with the Divine and acknowledge the eternal nature of our existence. Guided by these principles, we embark on a journey of spiritual growth, unity, and self-realization, nurturing a harmonious global family.