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Our Principles – Embarking on a journey towards spiritual enlightenment, Life Temple seeks to honor and celebrate the inherent sacredness of human existence. This esteemed organization aims to cultivate a tight-knit spiritual community, bound together in fellowship and shared values, providing support to each individual on their unique spiritual path.

Life Temple’s Principles


We trust in a primal energy—the origin and support of everything. Transcending language and full understanding, this eternal force flows through all aspects of creation and manifests in the natural world as a continuous cycle of change. Through earnest contemplation and other practices, we seek to experience this sacred energy, recognizing it as the vital force of the universe. By aligning with this energy, we embrace the fundamental purpose of existence.


We regard the Earth as hallowed, recognizing it as the life-giving source that connects us all. As mindful inhabitants, we strive to protect the Earth and preserve its essential balance. We acknowledge that our connection with the Earth transcends the physical, not only fostering holistic healing but also deepening our spiritual awareness. We declare our inherent right to elevate anything that comes from the Earth to the status of a sacrament, celebrating its spiritual significance and recognizing the profound ways it supports and nurtures our growth and transformation. We consecrate the land and structures where we dwell and cultivate, elevating them to sacred spaces that reflect our collective devotion to the Earth.


We affirm that freedom is a fundamental aspect of our being, indispensable for our spiritual growth. This profound desire for liberty, inherent in every human, underscores its vital role in our hallowed path. Accordingly, we assert that every phase of existence—birth, life, and death—is sacred and should remain unobstructed. We uphold our Natural rights to exist freely and pursue happiness, while respecting the Natural rights of others.


Recognizing the profound ties that bind humanity, we acknowledge our shared ancestry affirmed by both scientific understanding and ancient texts. Despite these shared origins, we often find ourselves divided by differences in culture, ethnicity, belief, and economic status, to name a few. By individually and actively transcending the barriers that fragment our unity, we can collectively cultivate truth, enlightenment, peace, prosperity, freedom, and harmony for everyone. This understanding reaffirms our true heritage—that we are all related—forming a single, unified global family.


We embrace a diverse array of spiritual practices, laying the foundation for our sacred path, while honoring each individual’s unique journey and encouraging them to discover their own paths to balance. Establishing and maintaining practices that align the mind, body, and spirit is essential to this journey. Examples of such practices include those involving stillness, movement, sound, and imagery, all of which are vital for ongoing spiritual development when practiced consistently and properly. By prioritizing the nurturing of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, we cultivate a thriving and practical spiritual community.


Inspired by the fundamental properties of energy—ever-changing, yet indestructible—we recognize our essential being as eternal… While the specifics of the afterlife remain elusive, our focus lies firmly in the here and now, where elevating consciousness and holistic practices are paramount. Nevertheless, it stands to reason that such practices not only enrich our current existence but could also favorably influence our experience in any potential hereafter.

We are committed to healing the physical and emotional, expanding consciousness, and serving others on their journey —embodying a path of wellness, enlightenment, and support.