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Below are the terms that help safeguard our collective experience:


Personal Capacity:

I acknowledge that I am accessing the Life Temple calendar in a personal capacity, and not as a representative or agent of any organization or government body.


Age and Capacity:

I affirm that I am over the age of 18 and approach this agreement with a sound and clear mind, free from any impairment that might hinder my understanding or participation.


Personal Responsibility:

I commit to being responsible for my actions and well-being while engaging with the Life Temple community and its events.


Privacy and Respect:

I agree to maintain the confidentiality of the experiences and information shared within Life Temple events. I promise to honor and respect the sacred space of Life Temple, as well as the privacy and integrity of all its members/participants.

In joining this community, let us walk together with respect, confidentiality, and personal integrity, fostering an environment of trust and spiritual growth.


By clicking “I Agree,” you are consenting to these terms and affirming your commitment to these principles.

I Agree [Checkbox]

With gratitude,

Life Temple